Chic Frigo Sans Fric specializes
in the fight against food wasting.
Zéro gaspillage


Chic Frigo Sans Fric (CFSF) values the zero food wasting cooking (ZG) by offering healthy solutions, practical and economic, so that each and every one develops creative reflexes in cooking. CFSF is an unlimited resource to think about one’s consumer habits and adopt the zero wasting lifestyle without hustling the routine. Inspired by the zero waste movement, the enterprise contributes to gather an autonomous and influential community for the future generations.


The objective is to contribute to the food autonomy of a clientele that wishes to act in a way to reduce the food wasting in consumption, without making any compromise on the quality of the meals. On the contrary, the ZG cooking demonstrates that it is accessible and creative while reducing the losses.


By offering services centered on creativity and decrease of the losses, the CFSF wishes to eliminate food overconsumption by proposing responsible, economic and sustainable solutions. With its distinct approach centered on self-respect, the enterprise wishes to convince its customers that cooking is a positive experience. Therefore, beyond eating well, the CFSF recommends the benefits to learn how to cook to value oneself, while putting a concrete gesture for the planet.

Together, let us improve our consumer habits by adopting a new healthy, economic and creative approach.